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Martin Luther once defined sin as a “life turned in on itself” and it would be very easy right now – amidst a cultural narrative of fear – to become focussed on ourselves and on meeting our own needs. But think of the possibilities if we looked outwards to the needs of others? We have an amazing opportunity to love our neighbours as ourselves and we can get creative about how. Here are five simple, small, highly achievable ways to get started.

Send a text a day

Why not set an alarm every day to stop, think, pray and then text someone that comes to mind something encouraging?

Video call someone living on their own

Some people are living on their own right now and might appreciate a call to show them someone is thinking of them and cares for them. Could you manage a 20 minute to those you know in that situation?

Send a take-out voucher to people with kids

For those caring for kids this time might be particularly intense, why not show you care and ease the demands on their time by sending a take-away voucher and save them cooking (and washing up!)?

Write a thank you letter to a key-worker

Do you know anyone who is a key worker and caring for those most in need right now? Why not write them a simple note and pop it in the post to say thank you.

Send something inspiring

Have you found a particular Bible verse, sermon, podcast, book, piece of art or simply a quote that you’ve found helpful right now? Why not pray about who might also find it encouraging and send it on and with your prayers?

Be with Jesus. Become like Jesus. Do what Jesus did.