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We’re in a collective moment of digital saturation. Zoom calls, social media scanning, Netflix binging, round the clock news cycles. It might be easy right now to get overwhelmed and generally have our outlook on the world shaped by what we consume through our screens. And then escape it all by binging Tiger King. We want to create space to be transformed by the renewing of our mind so here’s a few ideas that might help.

Digital Sabbath

How about spending one whole day a week with no screens at all? Turn off all your devices and spend time recovering and resting with God, read a book, engage in a hobby. The possibilities…

On / Off time for screens

For a regular day of the week why not try turning the phone on at 9am and off at 9pm? It might just help you begin and end the day well.

No news after…

If you’re finding the news cycle a bit overwhelming why not try a rhythm of no news consumption after 8pm to allow your mind to settle down and find peace before a nights’ sleep?

No screens in bed

How about you switch around a rhythm like screen time in bed by charging your phone downstairs and buying a good old fashioned alarm clock? It will almost certainly help you sleep better and find space to pray.

Less Netflix, more books

We’re not picking on Netflix here but how about trading escapist screen time for a book that feeds the mind and soul?

Be with Jesus. Become like Jesus. Do what Jesus did.