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Encounter 9

Matthew 28:16-20

Welcome, why not begin by listening to the Bible reading by clicking 'Find out more' at the bottom of this page. You will also find below a video for the whole family, and some thoughts on the passage. 

The great commission

This encounter with Jesus isn’t a first time encounter but is of Jesus talking with his close friends. They have spent time with him over the previous three years, and got to know him, seen miracles and come to know Jesus as the promised Messiah. They have been witness to him dying and rising again, and now they gather with him on a hillside. It’s in this encounter, from this place of relationship with him and knowing who Jesus is, that he gives them instructions. He tells them, and commissions them - giving them a purpose to ‘go’. They are not to keep this to themselves, but to tell others. They are to make followers and baptise them, bringing them into the family of God. They are to teach them to obey God’s word and know the truth that they now know! Jesus reassures them (and us) that they won’t be doing this alone, but that he will always be with them. 

This commissioning is for us to. We, who have ‘seen’ and encountered Jesus, are instructed just like the disciples to tell others, to bring people into God’s family and teach each other to obey His teachings. This is our purpose. How does this challenge you today?

Remember, this is done out of our relationship with Jesus and not as a way to earn his love. We recognise who He is and what he has done for us, and we do not do this alone! We do this with each other, as a community of believers, but also by the power and leading of the Holy Spirit. Who can you tell about Jesus today? Maybe you could share about your time in this place? Who could you invite along to Alpha next term? Where is Jesus calling you to step out?

Thank you Jesus that you give us purpose. Thank you for your love for me, for your forgiveness and for your promise to always be with me. Give me wisdom and courage to speak to others about you, and what you have done for me. I ask you to bring someone to my mind now. Amen