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Encounter 6

Exodus 13:17-22

Welcome, why not begin by listening to the Bible reading by clicking 'Find out more' at the bottom of this page. You will also find below a video for the whole family, and some thoughts on the passage. 

the Israelites

The Israelite were in the desert but Encountered God. They felt lost and alone but God continued to guide them. For many of those living as refugees it can feel like they are in the desert alone, lost and wandering. We can all feel like that, we often really want a clear cloud in the sky for us to follow.

However in this passage God has shown us very clearly in his word, that he does not try to hide his will from us. He wants to lead us. He wants to guide us, to direct us. Our steps, our every step, just like he did in this passage. Now, you might think well, I wish I kind of had a pillar of cloud or a pillar of fire to lead me. But we have something better we have the Holy Spirit of God actually living inside of us. We Encounter the Holy spirit with every move, thought, dream, plan. The Holy Spirit lives in us guiding our every move.

God doesn’t just leave us. He wants to guide us, do life with us… every step, every breath, every moment.

Pray that most ancient of prayer – 'Come holy Spirit’ and let the Lord guide you today.